MCC-ModelCarParts specializes in the supply of products and services around digitized cars.

Here you can find ready-made MCC digitized vehicles. In addition we supply:

Electric parts

  • MCC components
  • batteries
  • power supplies
  • leds
  • wirings
  • witches
  • connectors

Mechanical parts

  • axels
  • rims
  • bearings
  • fasteners
  • magnets
  • (electric) motors
  • wheels
  • gears and wormwheels

Road construction

  • magnetic tape (guide strip)
  • reed switches
  • pu-plate
  • styrene plate
  • servo points (MCC-ModelCarParts)


  • basic models
  • MCC-digitized  cars

Miniworld Rotterdam


The greatest in the smallest details

Come along in our wonderful miniature world of 535m² and enjoy the recognizable Dutch landscapes with numerous scenes that arouse the imagination. There is a whole world to discover and experience!

Unique and versatile experience in miniature

Cosy and still vast rural and polderlandscapes are combined with the modern and historic architecture of the city of Rotterdam in miniature, including the largest indoor miniature port of Europe. Let us surprise you!

More than the miniature world

Visitors can see how parts of the layout are built in the open workshop. In the commandcentre visitors can see how the modellayout is controlled. With tours behind the scenes you can visit parts of the modelrailroad that are normally not accessible for visitors.




Rocrail is an Innovative Model Railroad Control System that runs on LinuxMac OS X and Windows.Rocrail supports many languages, including English, German, Dutch, French, and more.

It can control a model train layout from one or more computers. You can run trains directly from your computer, and you can have the computer run trains automatically for you. You can even have some of the trains on your layout running automatically while you control others by hand. 

Rocrail is two programs; the Rocrail Server and the Rocview Client. These programs work with each other using Internet protocols, and do not need to be on the same computer. You can use Rocrail from a single computer connected directly to your layout, and you can also control your layout from any computer on your home network, or over the Internet. Rocrail also has a web interface, which will let you run the layout from a web browser such as Firefox. 

The Rocrail program runs on a computer connected to the layout by one of the standard computer interface setups, and supports many controllers, of which Dinamo and Dinamo/MCC

Rocview connects to Rocrail over your network or just on the same computer. Rocview can also be used standalone to create and edit plan layouts without a physical connection to the layout.